When you just can't find that perfect piece of furniture for your home, we can work together to create exactly what you're after. Every commission is different and is guided by your input, need and specifications but will follow this 5 part process...

1 - Meeting your needs

We will meet to discuss what exactly you require. With you, I will talk through the process, what I can offer and sketch some initial ideas. Together, we will also discuss material choices and budget for your project.

2 - Design

I will then go away and design a measured drawing of your product in accordance to what we had discussed previously. This will give you an initial idea of what your bespoke product will look like (which can be altered and tweaked as many times as needed). Once a design is approved, I will be able to invoice you with the exact price that your item will cost.

3 - Payment

Once all is agreed, 50% of the payment is required to allow us to begin the making process.

4 - The making begins!

During this process, feel free to visit us in the workshop whenever you like and you can see first hand how your commission is coming along.

5 - Delivery

Once finished, we will deliver your brand new and bespoke product to its new home at your earliest convenience. When you are happy with the final piece, the final payment instalment of 50% should be paid.